Alcohol in Qatar Market 2022

Qatar is one of the countries that has undergone numerous reforms in recent years with regard to the sale and import of alcohol. this is in addition to the sharp decline caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which severely affected sales of drinks commonly consumed in social settings such as beer and gin drinks.

In this article, we give an insight into the alcohol market in Qatar as well as the potential opportunities that the market could offer.

Insight Alcohol in Qatar

The outlook for the sector is good, as Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is expected to result in a huge increase in total alcoholic beverage sales in both retail and on-trade. Beer, wine and spirits are expected to register considerable growth during 2022, and growth rates are expected to continue to increase in the near term.

In addition, the increasing use of other purchasing channels, such as e-commerce, may provide a much-needed boost to beverage alcohol sales in the country.

It should be noted that the conservative norms towards the sale and conception of alcohol that persist in Qatari society could pose an obstacle to the widespread adoption of e-commerce of alcoholic beverages.

Heineken Beers one of the most sold in Qatar

Top 5 Companies of Alcohol in Qatar

  1. Oranjeboom Bierbrauwerij
  2. Heineken NV
  3. Anheuser-Busch InBev
  4. NV Diageo Plc
  5. Carlton & United Breweries

Top 5 Brands of Alcohol in Qatar

  1. 3 horses
  2. Heineken
  3. Budweiser
  4. Foster’s
  5. Stella Artois

The Qatari distribution agency QDC and its efforts to modernise distribution

The Qatar Distribution Agency (QDC) is the country’s sole distribution point for the distribution of alcoholic beverages in Qatar. QDC has made significant efforts to digitise its sales and marketing, and its online platform has become an important source of product information among its clientele. Central to the development of QDC’s digital offering is the addition of a click-and-collect option on its website, which gives customers the option to pre-order their alcoholic beverages. Recent developments in this area include QDC’s efforts to offer customers the opportunity to make appointments online at set times rather than having to wait outside the shop, allowing customers to avoid long queues during periods of high demand.


Business opportunities in the alcoholic beverages sector in Qatar

Ready to Drink” RTD beverage sales are expected to be the most profitable over the next few years, as well as other alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or distilled beverages as a result of Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup finals in 2022.

It should be noted that the number of consumers of high-proof alcoholic beverages is expected to increase due to increased tourism flows in the country and the high number of Western expatriates coming to live in Qatar.

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