The e-Residency in UAE (VCC Dubai)

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For years, the UAE government has been aiming to develop a digital infrastructure capable of facilitating bureaucratic procedures in the country, especially with regard to company registration and residency for foreigners interested in living in the UAE. In this sense, Dubai, being a very popular destination for foreigners, has initiated a series of reforms to encourage the digital sector and the creation of companies in the city.

With this in mind, the authorities have initiated a program located in the new Virtual Commercial City (VCC). This allows any company in the world to locate in Dubai to start its digital business, which also includes e-commerce, a booming sector in the Middle East region.

What is the Virtual City Commerce (VCC)?

Dubai’s Virtual Commerce City (VCC) programme offers an ecosystem for entrepreneurs globally with very favourable conditions in terms of tax and ease of running a business. The VCC aims to nurture entrepreneurial talent in Dubai and globally and in line with global trends, fostered in the wake of the pandemic, without having to live or work in one place.
It is clear that Dubai is a very business-friendly environment and especially to find new opportunities for local and international companies in the Middle East market, a market that is undoubtedly booming in terms of digital business.

What are the benefits of the VCC programme?

One of the first steps to take in order to benefit from the VCC programme is to obtain a Virtual Company License by registering your company. After obtaining the license these are the wonderful benefits you will get:

  • Starting and growing a business is low cost and low administrative burden.
  • Access to your business online
  • Dubai’s business opportunities
  • Gain access to new markets, customers, and investment opportunities.
  • Virtual business directory entry

This licence will give you access to the e-commerce platform and will facilitate access to banking services in the country (account opening, credits…).

It is clear that the Virtual Company License simplifies the work and life of entrepreneurs and self-employed!

How I can get the Virtual Company License (VCL)?

Our resume:

Online application and in-person identity verification at +100 location worldwide
Requieres you to validate your identity and complete a police Background check
Does not Grant automatic residency or visiting rights
Does nor require you to visit the issuing country in order to start and operate a company
Must be a national and tax residency of select countries

Obtaining a virtual company licence in Dubai is very easy, first of all you must register your company through an online form that you can find on the official VCC website developed by the Emirate of Dubai.

There are two ways, one in which you must be in one of the embassies of UAE in the World to complete the registration and the other in which you do not need it (with a private service operator):

  1. Through the administration of the Emirate of Dubai:

2. Through the private operating company of the Emirate of Dubai:


If you want to start now you can visit the official website and start your registration today!

What are the benefits of opening a virtual company in Dubai?

In the Middle East and Africa, Dubai is the leading business and economic center due to its multicultural business environment. As a result of Dubai’s well-earned reputation for political, social, and economic stability, it is one of the most attractive places in the world to do business. The business environment in Dubai has transformed into one that attracts global investors and entrepreneurs.

There is no limit to where you can start a business. With Dubai Virtual Business City, you can register and manage your business online without being a UAE or Dubai resident. You can access and manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Today, Dubai is a leading Foreign Direct Investment destination, home to more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies and new economy entrepreneurs.

One of the biggest advantages of setting up a virtual company in Dubai is the tax advantages, as there is no income or corporate tax for non-financial services entities, and no income tax for individuals. However, VAT registration is required when income exceeds $100,000 and the rate is 5%.

There is no taxes in UAE-one f the strongest points to open a business there.

Who is the VCC programme for?

  • Digital nomads
  • Freelancers Location-i
  • independent entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Content creators
  • Innovators Startup founders
  • … And many more.

Which are the elegible countries to get the Virtual Company License in Dubai?

• Russia• Norway• Latvia
• USA• Czech Republic• Kazakhstan
• Slovak republic• Romania• Bulgaria
• Cyprus• Spain• Slovenia
• Qatar• India• Ghana
• Indonesia• Vanuatu• Bahamas
• El Salvador• Brazil• Canada
• Sweden• Lithuania• Netherlands
• Germany• China• Switzerland
• Moldova• Turkey• Lebanon
• Portugal• Croatia• Palestine
• Uganda• Senegal• Malaysia
• Mauritius• Mexico• Costa Rica
• Peru• Greenland• Finland
• Denmark• Belgium• Ireland
• Japan• Austria• Georgia
• Greece• Albania• Tunisia
• Luxembourg• Kuwait• Cameroon
• Bahrain• Brunei Darussalam• Dominican Republic
• Iceland• Estonia• UK
• Hungary• Azerbaijan• Italy
• Morocco• Saudi Arabia• Pakistan
• Nigeria• South Africa• Australia
• Jamaica• Belize• Colombia
• Argentina
Source: Government of UAE
Work from everywhere being digitally in Dubai

Frequently asked questions about Virtual Company License (VCL) and Virtual Commerce City (VCC)

Is the VCL an equivalent to an UAE passport?

Your Company-ID does not confer the physical access or domiciliary rights that a passport would, nor can it be used as a travel document. E-Residency is purely an e-citizenship in UAE, as opposed to the rights that a primary physical identity document brings.

Is UAE Digital Company a remote work visa or digital nomad visa?

UAE e-Company is great for those who want to operate their business remotely or nomadically, because it enables you to create your business in a completely digital way. However, should not be confused with a visa.

If you would like to move to Dubai and experience the social and business culture it offers there is a kind of work permission for digital nomads There is also a start-up visa for UAE, which can help non-citizens of UAE create a physical presence in the country

What does it cost to open a Virtual Company in Dubai?

The Virtual License in Dubai requires the payment of the state fee of AED 850 and AED 200 for company name and AED 650 per year for a virtual company license. 

What sectors are allow to open a Business in the VCC ?

You can obtain a licence to conduct business in any of the following 13 economic sectors:

  • agriculture
  • manufacturing
  • repair
  • contracting
  • maintenance and installations
  • retail trade
  • transport
  • services
  • leasing services
  • health and entertainment events
  • management and provision of the supporting services
  • wholesale trade and
  • import and export.

Ask us more information about the procedures!


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