Jobs in-demand in Qatar Airlines 2022

Qatar Airways is one of the largest aviation companies in the Middle East. before the pandemic, Qatar Airways had more than 51,000 employees. However, the crisis resulting from the health measures hit the industry hard, especially the airlines. The company is currently looking to hire more than 10,000 new employees to meet the growing demand resulting from the World Cup sporting event of the year.

In this article we want to show you the job opportunities offered by the company as well as indications to make your dreams of flying with one of the most important companies in the skies.

What job profiles are Qatar Airlines looking for?

Starting this summer Qatar aiways is looking to expand its workforce and is offering jobs in all positions from ground crew to cabin crew, officers and captains. Currently on their website they are offering more than 300 positions in the following roles-

Al Darb Qatarisation

One of the most attractive programs offered by the company is Al Darb Qatarisation. This is an initiative to introduce recent graduates to the world of aviation and prepare them from a young age in the values of the company. A promising future awaits them in the company in important positions, although they must pass the difficult tests imposed by Qatar Airways.

In the company’s own words, they offer more than 23 different degrees in areas such as aviation management, journalism and business.

Please note that these scholarships are normally aimed at Qatari nationals, so if you are not Qatari you will have to look for another opportunity!

For more information on the offer in question, please click here.

Requirements for Cabin Crew & Cabin Services in Qatar Airlines

As an Executive Cabin Crew member, the company demands certain skills with high-end customers. They also take into account the candidate’s knowledge of cabin safety. In this section we will summarize the skills required for this type of position:

  • Management of documents related to flight tasks and operational flow.
  • Knowing the procedures, rules and licenses in accordance with company standards
  • One of the most important issues is to provide excellent customer service in a safe environment with the requirement that you know the safety procedures on board.

There is also a wide variety of services provided in the cabin such as customer care or cabin crew control.

If you want to know all the details, please click here.

Requirements for pilots in Qatar Airlines

One of the most dreamed jobs in any airline is to be a pilot, however it is not available to everyone, it is a job that requires a lot of preparation and investment and by Qatar airlines even more because to be a pilot you need a lot of preparation and investment.

These are the basic requirements to join Qatar Airlines as a pilot:

  • At least 6,000 total flight hours on multi-pilot and multi-engine aircraft, with commercial airline experience, on aircraft with MTOW of 50,000 kg or more.
  • At least 500 flying hours as PIC on Airbus FBW aircraft (A380/A50/A340/A330/A320/F).
  • At least 2 000 hours as PIC on multi-engine aircraft and airliners with an MTOW of 50 000 kg or more, or at least 1 000 hours as PIC on multi-engine aircraft and airliners with an MTOW of 50 000 kg or more, and currently (A380/A50/A340/A330/A320/F).
  • English language knowledge of at least level 4
  • Last flight on one of the above aircraft types within the last 12 months.

In addition, there are other positions related to flight operations such as First Flight Officer, Senior Manager Integrated Operations Centre and Ground Operations or Flight Planning Systems Specialist.

To find out more about all the positions offered by Qatar Airlines please click here

Requirements Cargo & Airport Operations positions in Qatar Airlines

This is one of the strongest arms of the airline and is mainly dedicated to ground operations and cargo control of the aircraft. In addition, these positions are spread throughout the different parts of the world where the airline operates.

In this category there are numerous positions, of which the following are worth mentioning:

Senior Airport Services Agent in Qatar Airlines

Your responsibilities focus on providing a quality service with regard to check-in, boarding, special services, lounges, airport hotel and baggage services. He/she is the first contact at the airport and his/her customers and manages contacts with suppliers and agents.

Airport Services Supervisor in Qatar Airlines

The person who tries to manage flight delays, disruptions, denied boarding and any other challenges together with the Airport Services Manager.

Cargo Agent in Qatar Airlines

In this role you will plan, plan and manage the maximum utilisation of flight capacity, control and operate the export and import of goods and maintain close coordination between QR Space Control. You will also maintain close liaison with customers ensuring that their shipments are transferred, delivered on time, shipments are prioritised correctly and aircraft space is maximised.

You are interested to know more jobs in this field click here!

Corporate & Commercial jobs in Qatar Airlines

This branch of the company offers the most employment opportunities. With a total of 106 offers, it is also the most diverse in terms of jobs and responsibilities. It is impossible to list all the jobs in this article. But it is true to say that many of the jobs require little preparation and are located in various capitals around the world. Also, many of the contracts are temporary, some for up to 6 months.

We will highlight some of them here but in the hope that our reader will look for themselves on the airline’s own job page.

  • Business Analyst
  • Security Duty Officer – Operations
  • Training Officer – Retail | Qatar Duty Free
  • Corporate Security Supervisor
  • Safety Officer (Investigation)
  • Customer Services Manager

Why you should work with Qatar Airlines?

Clearly the company offers many opportunities for all types of professionals with very different backgrounds, ages and genders. Also, the working conditions are very good and so are the salaries. According to reviews from various job forums, Qatar Airlines is considered one of the most sought after and satisfied employees with a 3.9 star rating on Glassdoor and a 4.1 star rating on the Indeed job portal – making it one of the most highly rated companies by its own employees.


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