Middle East Energy Drinks Market 2022

The energy drinks market in the Middle East is one of the most promising markets for the coming years. It is true that during the pandemic, sales volumes dropped considerably due to restrictions. However, a slight recovery can be observed from 2021 onwards, reaching 859 million litres sold this year and is expected to increase to 100 million litres in 2026.

Although the energy drinks market in the Middle East has been punished by the latest pandemic events and taking into account that many of the energy drinks sold are intended to be mixed with alcohol (the region is Muslim-majority and there are strong restrictions on alcohol consumption in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar), sales will remain stable in 2022 and are expected to increase slightly until 2026.

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Red Bull Can, the company is one of the leader in the market of Middle East

Developments in the energy drinks market in the Middle East

The energy drinks market in the Middle East has undergone strong variations over the last 5 years. While in 2015 sales volume peaked at more than 1 billion litres, from that year onwards sales declined to reach a low in 2018. Although the recovery has been slow, it is expected to reach levels similar to 2015 by 2026.

The reasons why the market has not grown as initially expected are clearly the pandemic, which has affected consumers (why does a consumer need energy if they should be at home?). Sales have also been constrained by the restrictions on going out, which has also affected the Horeca channel.

Also, it should be noted that sales volumes are higher in countries in the region where alcohol licensing is more lax as most energy drinks are mixed with distilled spirits.

Which are the leading companies in the energy drinks sector in the Middle East?

Red Bull GmbH is the leading company in the region, however the market is highly fragmented so Red Bull’s share is low at 9.1% in 2021. Red Bull is followed by Suntory Holdings Ltd in second place with a market share of 8.8% in 2021 and close on Red Bull’s heels. In third place is Monster Beverage Corp with a total market share of 7.3%.

Top 5 companies of Energy Drink in Middle East

Company% Share
Red Bull GmbH9.1
Suntory Holdings Ltd8.8
ALJSR Global Co7.3
Monster Beverage Corp6.5
Hariss International Ltd5.1
Source: Euromonitor

What are the top energy drink brands in the Middle East?

The best-selling energy drink brand in 2021 in the Middle East was Red Bull, albeit down from the previous year. Next, the Lucozade brand saw a slight increase in sales in the region with 1.6%. It is followed by Code Red and Monster, both of which occupy an important place in the market.

Brand% Share
Red Bull9.1
Code Red7.3
Rock Boom5.1
Source: Euromonitor

Opportunities in the energy drinks sector in the Middle East

Many of the oil-rich countries such as UAE, Qatar or Saudi Arabia are implementing health programmes to reduce obesity in the country and increase the quality of life and health in the country. Therefore, many of the above mentioned companies are introducing sugar-free energy drinks. It is expected that these products will be more in demand by consumers in the coming years as many of them take them for high-intensity exercise and therefore want to be able to consume them.

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