Middle East Video Games Market 2022

The video games market in the Arab world is one of the most important for companies in the sector and indeed, since the pandemic, video game sales have increased considerably, reaching more than 3,000 billion dollars in the region as a whole by 2021.

In this article we will give the keys to the video game market in the Middle East and its future prospects. Let’s see what opportunities it offers!

Is the video games market in the Middle East a profitable market?

Indeed, it is. This is shown by the latest data collected by the Euromonitor agency on the sector. In the years before the pandemic, sales volume was affected by unstable demand. From 2021 onwards and mainly due to the pandemic, sales increased considerably and reached a significant peak. However, although Retail Value is expected to increase during 2022 and until 2026, sales volumes are also expected to stabilise.

In 2022, sales are expected to increase to USD 3.5 billion and by 2026 the sector is expected to exceed USD 5 billion.

What are the top-selling video game categories in the Middle East?

The top-selling video game category in the Middle East in 2021 was video game software, reaching $1800 million this year, and sales are expected to increase to $3.3 billion by 2026, so this is clearly an opportunity for companies and services in the sector. The second best-selling category is Video Games Hardware, which has seen a 26.5% increase over 2020, which is revealing as it presents an opportunity for companies in the sector.

Which are the leading video game companies in the Middle East?

Sony Corp is by far the company with the largest presence in the Middle East region and with a higher sales volume than its main competitor Nintendo Co Ltd. The market is quite fragmented with numerous video game companies such as Activision Bizzard Inc, Epic Games or Electronic Arts and Microsoft’s strong commitment to the sector seems to have paid off in the region as it is currently in 3rd place with a 6.7% market share.

Top 5 Companies of Video Games in Middle East

Company% Share
Sony Corp17.0
Nintendo Co Ltd11.2
Microsoft Corp6.7
Activision Blizzard Inc6.1
Electronic Arts Inc4.7

Many of the aforementioned companies have shown a substantial increase in recent years. This is the case for example with Activision Bizzard, with an increase in market presence of almost 23%, making it one of the fastest growing companies in 2021.

Which are the best-selling video game brands in the Middle East?

Playstation is the brand with the highest sales volume in the Middle East with a total of 15%, followed by Nintendo in second place and Xbox in third place. There are numerous video game brands and for example new competitors that have increased their presence in the market in recent years, such as League of Legends and Fortnite.

Top 5 brands of Video Games in Middle East

Brand% Share
League of Legends1.4

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