NEOM Manufacturing Sector: A hub of innovation

NEOM’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector is one of the key pillars of NEOM’s vision to become a hub of innovation and a global destination for sustainable living. The sector aims to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation and accelerates the adoption of advanced technologies in manufacturing. The sector’s focus is on developing high-value products and services, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and nurturing local talent to drive economic growth in the region.

The Neom Advanced Manufacturing sector offers a range of opportunities for businesses and investors.

Here are some of the key opportunities:

Strategic Location: The Neom project is strategically located at the intersection of three continents, Asia, Europe, and Africa. This location provides easy access to some of the world’s largest markets, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to expand their global reach.

Tax Incentives: The Saudi Arabian government has introduced several tax incentives to attract foreign investment. These incentives include exemptions from corporate income tax, withholding tax, and customs duties.

R&D Incentives: The Saudi Arabian government has also introduced several incentives to encourage research and development activities. These incentives include funding for R&D projects, subsidies for R&D expenses, and tax exemptions for R&D activities.

Access to Skilled Workforce: The Neom project is committed to creating a highly skilled workforce by investing in education and training programs. This will ensure that businesses have access to a pool of highly skilled professionals.

Infrastructure: The Neom project is building state-of-the-art infrastructure, including transport, utilities, and communication networks. This will provide businesses with a world-class infrastructure to support their operations.

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Opportunities for businesses in Neom Manufacturing Sector

The Advanced Manufacturing Sector presents numerous and investors interested in cutting-edge technologies and sustainable growth. These opportunities include:

Additive Manufacturing:

NEOM’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector aims to establish a world-class additive manufacturing ecosystem that can meet the growing demand for advanced manufacturing technologies. The sector is developing an Additive Manufacturing Cluster that will house companies engaged in the production of 3D-printed products, parts, and components. This cluster will create opportunities for businesses in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

Advanced Materials:

The Advanced Manufacturing Sector is exploring the production of advanced materials using renewable sources such as bio-waste and algae. The sector aims to develop a Materials Research and Development Center that will focus on developing advanced materials for various industries, including construction, energy, and transportation.

Manufacturing Neom Porject

Robotics and Automation:

NEOM’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector aims to establish a Robotics and Automation Center that will drive innovation in automation technologies. The center will focus on developing solutions for the manufacturing industry that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing:

The Advanced Manufacturing Sector is exploring the production of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. The sector aims to establish a Renewable Energy Manufacturing Cluster that will house companies engaged in the production of renewable energy technologies.

Job Opportunities in Neom Manufacturing Sector:

The Advanced Manufacturing Sector also presents numerous job opportunities for local and international talent. The sector’s focus on advanced technologies and sustainable growth will create jobs in the following areas:

Research and Development:

The Materials Research and Development Center and the Robotics and Automation Center will require researchers and engineers with expertise in materials science, robotics, and automation.

Additive Manufacturing:

The Additive Manufacturing Cluster will create jobs in design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing:

The Renewable Energy Manufacturing Cluster will create jobs in production, assembly, and quality control.

Operations and Maintenance:

As manufacturing companies set up operations in NEOM, there will be job opportunities in operations and maintenance.

Solar Panels Manufacturing Neom


The Neom Advanced Manufacturing sector will be home to several innovative projects. Here are some of the key projects:


The Oxagon project is a multi-billion-dollar project aimed at creating a hub for high-tech industries. This project will be home to several cutting-edge industries, including aerospace, biotech, and robotics.

Solar Panel Manufacturing:

The Neom Advanced Manufacturing sector will be home to several solar panel manufacturing plants. These plants will produce solar panels using advanced manufacturing techniques, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing:

The Neom project aims to become a hub for electric vehicle manufacturing. This project will involve setting up manufacturing plants for electric vehicles and components, creating job opportunities and promoting sustainable transportation.

Additive Manufacturing:

The Neom project will also be home to several additive manufacturing plants. These plants will use 3D printing technology to produce a wide range of products, from aerospace components to medical devices.

In addition to the Oxagon project, NEOM has also announced the creation of the “Advanced Manufacturing Zone” which will be a hub for cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. This zone will include the development of the world’s largest green hydrogen production facility with a capacity of 650 tons per day. The facility will be powered by wind and solar energy and will produce green hydrogen, which can be used as a fuel for transportation and for industrial purposes.

Other notable projects within the Advanced Manufacturing sector of NEOM include:

Construction of a biodegradable plastics factory:

NEOM plans to build a factory that will produce biodegradable plastics using plant-based materials. This factory will be powered by renewable energy sources, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic production methods.

Development of an AI-powered robotics factory:

NEOM has partnered with a leading robotics company to develop a factory that will produce advanced robots using artificial intelligence (AI). The factory will be capable of producing robots for a variety of industries, including healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing.

Establishment of an advanced materials research center:

NEOM will establish a research center dedicated to the development of advanced materials for use in various industries. The center will focus on developing sustainable materials that are eco-friendly and have low carbon footprints.

NEOM’s Advanced Manufacturing sector is a hub for innovation and sustainability. With a range of projects focused on cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices, the sector presents a wealth of opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and job-seekers. The Oxagon project, the green hydrogen production facility, and the biodegradable plastics factory are just a few examples of the exciting projects underway in NEOM’s Advanced Manufacturing sector. As NEOM continues to develop, the sector is set to play a key role in the city’s economic growth and success.


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